Happy Birthday Dean Rusk (Middle School)!

Today Dean Rusk celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary with visits from local officials and former students and faculty, a celebration dinner, and a look back through the years with a slide show, videos, and old yearbooks on hand. Did you know that Mr. Mann, Mr. Martin, Ms. Swanson, and Ms. White are all former students from DRMS? Can you name any other well-known DRMS alumni?

Dean Rusk Middle School is named for former United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk, a former Cherokee County resident. Secretary Rusk was born in Cherokee County in 1909 and later served as Secretary of State for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. His dad was a minister and a farmer, and his mom was a teacher. Mr. Rusk graduated with honors from Davidson College and became a Rhodes scholar. He played a significant role as advisor to both Presidents during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. Secretary of State Rusk also contributed significantly to the establishment of our fabulous school, and we are proud to honor him today.

To see pictures of Dean Rusk Middle School students and the school throughout its history, visit our facebook page. Just search DRMS on facebook. And while you’re there, visit our DRMS media center page at http://www.facebook.com/askdrlibrary.
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