Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees 2011-2012

While we are still anxiously awaiting the announcement of this year’s winner of the Georgia Children’s Book Award, the Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees for next year (2011-2012) have been released by the Georgia Conference on Children’s Literature. Here’s the list of nominees:

  • Alvarez, Julia (2009). Return to sender.
  • Anderson, Laurie Halse (2008). Chains.
  • Angleberger, Tom (2010). The strange case of Origami Yoda.
  • Baskin, Nora Raleigh (2009). Anything but typical.
  • Burg, Ann (2009). All the broken pieces.
  • Clements, Andrew (2009). Extra credit.
  • Collins, Suzanne (2008). The hunger games.
  • Connor, Leslie (2008). Waiting for normal.
  • Draper, Sharon (2010). Out of my mind.
  • Erskine, Kathryn (2010). Mockingbird.
  • Hiaasen, Carl (2009). Scat.
  • Klise, Kate (2009). Dying to meet you: 43 old cemetery road.
  • Korman, Gordon 2008). Swindle.
  • Lin, Grace (2009). Where the mountain meets the moon.
  • O’Connor, Barbara (2010). The fantastic secret of Owen Jester.
  • Pearsall, Shelley (2008). All shook up.
  • Philbrick, Rodman (2009). The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg.
  • Sonnenblick, Jordan (2010). After ever after.
  • Wiles, Deborah (2010). Countdown.
  • Williams-Garcia, Rita (2010). One crazy summer.

The Dean Rusk Media Center already has some of these titles available if you want to get a head start on reading the books for next year’s Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition, or if you just want a suggestion for some great reading. Below is a list of the books we already have on hand. The number to the right indicates the number of copies available, if we currently have more than one copy. The author’s name is also indicated so you know where to look on the shelves for the book. We will have multiple copies of these books available for next year.

  • Anything But Typical (Baskin)
  • Waiting For Normal (2)(Connor)
  • Out of My Mind (Draper)
  • Scat (3)(Hiaasen)
  • Swindle (Korman)
  • All Shook Up (Pearsall)
  • Extra Credit (Clements)
  • The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (Philbrick)
  • Chains (Anderson)
  • All the Broken Pieces (Burg)
  • Origami Yoda (3) Angleberger
  • The Hunger Games (billions and billions served) (Collins)

So What’s Inside Those Book Award Books?

Here’s my new slide show for the 2010-2011 Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees. I’ve added a little “tease” from the publisher’s websites to the award committee’s show, so thanks to you, publishers and committee. These books are ready and waiting for you when school starts back at the DR Library, or check them out now at the public library! And speaking of the public library, all branches of the Sequoyah Regional Library have events for kids and teens all summer to promote reading. Don’t forget that the Hickory Flat branch is just across the street from Hickory Flat Elementary, and the R. T. Jones branch is just off exit 19. Plus a library card is free! You can visit the library’s website by clicking here to find out all about it!

…And So It Begins

The Book Rap club met for the first time this year today and WOW! It was exciting! The Book Rap club includes our Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition team members. These team members will attempt to read all twenty of the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees and compete against other teams in our school system, then in our district, and then in the state. Last year, we won in the system competition and went on to the district competition. This year, maybe we’ll take the state! It is NOT too late to join the team, so please join us next Tuesday in the media center at 3:45 if you are interested! Good luck Book Rappers!