The Great Wall of Orange is Gone!

If  you’ve been by the DR Library recently, you’ve probably noticed some changes. Well today the drop cloths are down, the paint rollers are out, and the Great Wall of Orange is a thing of the past! Today is painting day! Yay! Also, all the old shelving which was destined for bigger and better things has been sent to Old Shelving Heaven. The electrical wiring is complete, and tomorrow comes our data cabling! Yay again! Anyone want to guess what’s on the agenda for Friday? New shelving!!!! Then we hope that next week we’ll have a new SmartBoard, and shortly thereafter, new tables for the new computers! Our media center renovation will be complete in just a couple of weeks. Well, OK, the weird carpet landing strips may be here until summer. Nothing’s perfect!


Pardon Our Dust!

The media center plan is finally coming to fruition! Check out the eighties orange walls and carpet we’ve uncovered! The books have been moved to a new temporary location, the old shelves are coming out, and next week during the break the electrical wiring will be going in for the new computers. The new bookshelves should also be coming in soon for the “book” side of the media center. Until then, we just have to live with our newly-created “maze.” Then it will be new tile and paint for the “classroom” side, and then new computers and a new SmartBoard and projector. Watch for more pictures as the reincarnation progresses!