Georgia Children’s Book Awards via Animoto

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Yeah, you’ve seen them before. But you’ve never seen them like this. Find out how YOU can create your own Animoto video by visiting the media center. It’s easy. It’s fun. And you can do it on just about any topic.


It Is a Glog World After All!

Who are these people? What are they doing? Why are they smiling? Why it’s Ms. Burn’s fifth period class, and they are glogging, and that is why they are smiling! If you want to be glogging and smiling and having fun like these happy people, just visit the media center to find out how! If you are not one of our Dean Rusk people, then visit Glogster. In case you are an educator and you didn’t know, Glogster now has a site just for educators, which makes it much easier and safer for you to sign up your classes and glog away! Click here for Glogster for Educators!

…And So It Begins

The Book Rap club met for the first time this year today and WOW! It was exciting! The Book Rap club includes our Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition team members. These team members will attempt to read all twenty of the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees and compete against other teams in our school system, then in our district, and then in the state. Last year, we won in the system competition and went on to the district competition. This year, maybe we’ll take the state! It is NOT too late to join the team, so please join us next Tuesday in the media center at 3:45 if you are interested! Good luck Book Rappers!

…And Then There Were Four

Ms. Phillips’ Fourth Period Class dropped by to amuse and delight us during fourth period for some library orientation, readers’ advisory, and book checkout. Here are some of the happy crew!

Oh, Yeah! Third Period Phillips’ Peeps Are in the House!

Ms. Phillips’ third period class survived the first (and we hope the last!) Code Red adventure of the year and brightened the media center with their presence to make today another fun day in the media center!

Georgia Childrens Book Award Nominees via PictureTrail

This post is about TWO wonderful things, thing one and thing two as Dr. Seuss would say.
Thing one: For you Web 2.0 buffs, PictureTrail now posts beautifully and immediately to WordPress without having to use an intermediary like Odeo or Vod:Pod, so you can share your slide show quickly and easily! Yea! If you don’t know how to use PictureTrail–ask me!

Thing two: Check out the great slide show I made on PictureTrail! It’s about this year’s Georgia Childrens Book Award nominees. All the books are available in the Dean Rusk media center. Please come by to check them out. I’ve read almost half of them so far, and they’re great! My favorite so far: The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt.

Meebo and Me

Meebo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Meebo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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