Weebles May Wobble, But Weebly Stands Strong

Quick! Where can you get a free website that you can easily create yourself with no HTMl or CSS experience that has no ads (and promises it never will)? And, oh, yeah, the site also includes free hosting, over 70 great designs, powerful blogging features, and the ability to publish to your own domain name if you already have one (or Weebly’s subdomain if you don’t). The answer: Weebly!

And did I mention that you can also add pictures, videos, music and audio, documents, maps, and photo galleries? Sell products, accept online bookings, create a contact form, or arrange your pages in multiple columns? Drag on slideshows, files, forums, games, RSS feeds, or any other HTML embed code — all by simply dragging and dropping. Everything.

I don’t know how they do it. I didn’t say I know everything. I just said they do it. And they do it so well they’ve earned impressive s from writers in Time, Newsweek, The BBC, TechCrunch, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, and GigaOm. Weebly is backed by some of the most
knowledgeable angel investors in Silicon Valley, including Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures, Ron Conway (original investor in Google), Mike Maples (Floodgate), Aydin Senkut (Felicis VC), Rajeev Motwani and Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail).

What’s not to love? There’s even a demo video to explain it all.  Edudemic also named them as one of the top 35 classroom tools. So what are you waiting for, people? Get out there and claim your free Weebly website before these people come to their senses!


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