Fur.ly Is Warm and Fuzzy!

fur.ly logo

So there are plenty of URL shortening websites out there, but not much new, right? Wrong! Fur.ly allows you to shorten multiple URLs in one fell swoop. I can see tons of uses for this in educational settings. All you do is open fur.ly, enter your first URL,  and then a second entry box opens, so you enter another URL, and so on and so on, until you’re finished. Then you click on Go, and Voila! you have a cute, furry little URL, you click on Try it, and then you just click through all of your websites, quick as a flash. You could use this URL to share favorite sites with friends, to create a pathfinder for students, or to share all your websites with colleagues. Students, you could share all your favorite sites with your friends via one single tiny address. Fur.ly is fast, easy, and fun! You can enter up to fifty URLs in one sitting. Only  problem is, if one fails, they all go down the drain. So be careful; be sure to copy and paste from current, active URLs.


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