My Latest Pick? Pixton!

So if you know me very well, you know I love alternatives to traditional presentation modes. Web 2.0 tools that allow students to animate or otherwise graphically present the products of their learning can engage not only the students presenting the information but their peers as well. So get ready to get engaged, kiddos, with Pixton!

Pixton makes it easy for students to learn how to create cartoons in a variety of sizes with easy-to-follow online videos.  When finished, students can post to Facebook, email their cartoons, or embed them in a blog or other online site, even WordPress, with a little help from VodPod.

Pixton is available “for fun, for free,” or additional features are available for educational  or business use at reasonable prices. Pixton’s creators have a very ethical code of conduct and they encourage users to report abuse of this code, so parents can feel confident allowing their students to use the site, unlike other graphic design sites that often feature content inappropriate for minors. Safety tips for students and parents are even included on the site.

With seven comic formats, all of which have individual sizes and shapes, plus a variety of characters and backgrounds, Pixton can keep students immersed in the learning process without requiring extensive training and artistic skills.


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