Achieve Your Personal Zen With Zendo is a cool Web2.0 tool on a mission to help students become more efficient learners. The creators of are students themselves–students who want to spend less time studying while still enabling themselves to know their material better. They know that good students want to commit the most essential information to long-term memory.

The creators are anxious to receive comments and suggestions from users. They have a quick two and a half minute video tutorial that easily explains how to use All you do is type your notes in outline form, and converts them to flash cards. Once you sign up, you simply open a folder, name your new directory, then name your file, and start typing. prompts you on the next step as you create your cards.

Once you finish a set of cards, you can go through your cards and test yourself, and gives you a grade based on your success. You can also edit and update your cards if needed.

The website includes a helpful forum that allows you to post suggestions and view the questions and feature suggestions of others. Unfortunately, the FAQ section is not yet operational. If you are a dedicated student looking for a new way to organize yourself, could be for you!


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