A smidgen of all you need to know about those funny codes you’ve been seeing around lately

So, have you been seeing QR codes around everywhere lately and wondering what they’re all about? You may have heard them called matrix barcodes or 2-D codes. They are gaining popularity because they can contain more information than old-fashioned barcodes that can only include numeric information. QR codes can include hyperlinks to URLs, words, email or text messages, logos, artwork…the possibilities are endless! You use QR code readers on your smart phone to scan the codes and instantly read them. Have you looked at the current DRMS media center home page? Did you freak out and wonder what it meant? Wonder if it was some kind of message from space aliens? Well, it’s top secret. Be the first person to tell me what it says and win a prize. Many thanks to The Daring Librarian, aka Gwynneth Ann Bronwynne Jones, teacher librarian at Murray Hill Middle School in Laurel, Maryland for creating and sharing the ultra cool graphic used in this blog post. She is a genius.


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