DRMS Is Accepting Rachel’s Challenge!

The Rachel’s Challenge chain in the media center was started immediately after our Rachel’s Challenge initial meeting by eighth graders Kate M. and Ashlyn B. These two girls periodically maintain the chain and string links across the media center. When they arrived to request that they be allowed to start the chain, Kate and Ashlyn requested materials to create the chain and a location for the chain, including markers, construction paper, a stapler, and a storage area for the chain links. They borrowed a paper cutter to cut a supply of chain links to keep students supplied. The chain has not been officially announced, but has spread by word of mouth throughout the school. The chain is currently approximately 150 feet long and growing every day.

The media center also houses one of two Dean Rusk Rachel’s Challenge signature banners. Dean Rusk now has a Rachel’s Challenge Chain Link club for each team.

On Valentine’s Day, Team 7M accepted the challenge of spreading kindness to others by providing ice cream sundaes to our 7M teachers, DRMS counselors, secretaries, and administrators. How are you accepting Rachel’s Challenge? Are you paying it forward? Let us know by replying to this post!


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