Rusk Readers Rock!

So there was a Jell-O eating champ, I just got so carried away in judging it that I forgot who it was. But it was fun. I do recall that. Also the cheeseball ball. It was sick. In a good way. And I was informed that one of the cheeseball ball runners up was Dylan G. All other champions, please advise and I will announce your victories worldwide. For the record, these amazing seventh graders partied themselves to reckless abandon this week due to their amazing skills of reading:

  • Ellie A.
  • Ashley A.
  • Amanda B.
  • Caroline B.
  • Kylee B.
  • Nick B.
  • Brandon B.
  • Courtney B.
  • Zach C.
  • Tate C.
  • Kimiya C.
  • Madison E.
  • Alex F.
  • Zach F.
  • Dylan G.
  • Katelyn G.
  • Stephanie G.
  • Ethan G.
  • Sydney McH
  • Echo H.
  • Hayes H.
  • Elizabeth J.
  • Mackenzie J.
  • Braeden K.
  • Hannah K.
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Carter L.
  • Connor L.
  • Luis L.
  • Corey L.
  • Jeremy M
  • Austin M.
  • Journey N.
  • Sierra P.
  • Elizabeth P.
  • Laurencia P.
  • Kyle R.
  • Jenna R.
  • Austin R.
  • Wendy R.
  • Jonathan S.
  • Hunter S.
  • Keyona S.
  • Victoria S.
  • Emilee S.
  • Ashley S.
  • Connor S.
  • Trevor V.
  • Kenneth W.
  • Gillian W.

Congratulations Seventh Grade Survivors! You rocked reading!


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