How to Make Xtranormal Videos via VodPod and ScreenToaster–Finally

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hooray for VodPod! I had tried earlier during the school year to post this video on WordPress directly from ScreenToaster, with no success. ScreenToaster is awesome for creating screenshot videos, and WordPress has its own share of awesomeness, but WordPress and I never can seem to work out our differences on Shockwave/Flash issues. Finally it occurred to me to try VodPod, that I used to use all the time for posting videos with their cool Firefox “Post to WordPress” button. Well, no luck. But then I posted the video directly to VodPod. Then I posted from VodPod to WordPress. Sure it’s a 754-step process, but look how pretty it is! In case you have never seen my “How to Make Xtranormal Videos” video via ScreenToaster, here it is! Hooray for VodPod, ScreenToaster, Xtranormal, and a little bit for WordPress. And, oh, yeah, me!

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