Renaissance Place Is Now At Our Place!

Accelerated Reader Enterprise is here! We now have access to zillions and zillions more AR tests. OK, maybe not zillions. Try 140,000! AR Enterprise provides access to four types of quizzes: reading practice, vocabulary practice (it’s never too soon to start prepping for the SAT!), literacy skills, and textbook quizzes.  Check out our new widget on the media center homepage that tells you how many tests have been taken by our students each month. There’s also a link to Renaissance Place, our AR home page. You can even click on another link, AR Book Finder,  to see which titles are available for testing in AR. With 140,000 tests, that’s virtually any book you could possibly read. So get to reading, guys, because we now have access to more reports, and there is a 500 point club out there just waiting for members. What kind of party could we have for that? Hmmmmm…..


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