Are You a Dean Rusk Survivor?

Ahhhhhhhh! There’s nothing like a contest! So to kick off Teen Read Week in style, we’re proposing our own Dean Rusk version of Survivor. Can you Outlast, Outwit, and–more importantly–Outread your classmates? Of will you be voted off the island?

All you have to do is read eight books by the end of second quarter, and–bam–you’ve been rescued from your boring classroom and transferred to an oasis of calm, peace, and tranquil immunity where you will be served soft drinks and popcorn as your classmates suffer.

Read eight more books (for a total of  sixteen) by the end of third quarter, and-whammy–you’re transported to an ice cream sundae party the likes of which middle schoolers may never have witnessed on this Earth, while your poor defenseless peers are still marooned on a bookless island. Want to make it to the final challenge?

Read twenty-five books by the end of the year and you, my friend, are a Dean Rusk Survivor! You will be invited to a party with pizza, soft drinks, and–who knows what else? Just click on the link on the Glogster poster, complete the appropriate book review form for each book you read, and email or hand-deliver it to your reading teacher.

Good luck, Dean Rusk Survivors! Many thanks to media specialist Anne West from Creekland Middle School for her party ideas.


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