What Do Glogster and Book Fairs Have In Common? Fun…And Learning!

If your class hasn’t been to the media center yet to learn how to use Glogster to create cool electronic posters…what have you been waiting for???? Ask your teacher to get you to the media center ASAP so you can learn how to use Glogster and enter the contest. 

If you’re already in the know, then get started making your glog today to enter the contest to win a $50 shopping spree at our upcoming book fair. The book fair will be in the media center October 12-16 from 8AM-6PM. We’ll be open late on Friday, October 16 until 7:30 so you can stop by before the Sequoyah game.

If we meet our sales goal, Dr. T has promised a big surprise for our students! If you don’t know how to use Glogster, go to the Glogster pathfinderat http://askdrlibrary.wikispaces.com/Glogster to find sources of copyright-friendly images and royalty-free music. Then click on the link to go to http://edu.glogster.com/ and create a glog. Be sure your glog is copyright-friendly, includes the book fair dates and times, and includes the “Read Around the World” theme.

If you don’t have a Glogster account, email Mrs. Fleet at askdrlibrary@gmail.com and she’ll give you an educational account user name and password. You can also email your glog to that email address when you’re finished to enter the contest.

 Not sure you can create a glog? No problem? Just create a regular poster and drop it off at the media center. Be sure to include your full name, no matter what kind of poster you create.


2 Responses to “What Do Glogster and Book Fairs Have In Common? Fun…And Learning!”

  1. Jim Dachos Glogster Education Manager Says:

    Love your Glogster contest idea. Would love to see the winning Glogs. You should submit your contest idea to our teacher resource area. Contact me if interested. Thanks!

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