I’d Like Some Animoto To Go, Please!

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Hey, Teachers! Animoto is a great Web 2.0 tool that you can use as a “hook” to introduce a unit of study to your students, or which your students can use as a product of their research. You and your students can create videos in just a few minutes, and Animoto now includes the ability to add text to the videos.

With an education account, you and your students can create longer videos at no charge. I have created a (blurry and perhaps boring) video; it shows you (almost) everything you need to know about Animoto, along with an example of a quick Animoto short video with text included. Just click on the link below to view either the instructional video, the Animoto video, or both. I would love to show you and your students how to use Animoto. It’s easy! And fun!

If you bring your classes in, you’ll be spared from watching the hideous video! All you need to do is go to http://animoto.com/education to sign up for a free educator account. It will take a week or two to receive an email from The Animoto Guys (seriously, that’s who will send it!) giving you a code. Then set up your account using the code; your students will use your code as well. You’ll receive instructions on what to do for students without email addresses and students under 13 to include them in your account. Your students can set up their own accounts according to the instructions, using your code.

If you want a time after the break, YOU NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE ACCOUNT TODAY BECAUSE IT TAKES A COUPLE OF WEEKS TO RECEIVE YOUR CODE! Here’s the link to the pathfinder and the most thrilling video of your life: http://askdrlibrary.wikispaces.com/Animoto .

Students: Ask your teachers to get your class in to the media center TODAY so you can start creating your own Animoto videos!


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